Umvvelt is an online shop devoted exclusively to ocean-themed merchandise such as apparel, enamel pins, plushies, stickers, and more! With all original designs inspired by the wonders of the ocean and its inhabitants, you won't find these designs anywhere else!


A Blue Planet enthusiast and once a Southern California local, Kir's passion for the ocean inspired the original pieces created by Umvvelt. They hope that their designs can spark a conversation about the wonders of marine biology and believes that knowledge and education can dispel fear and encourage action.

From a university drop-out to a now successful small-business owner, Kir hopes that Umvvelt will inspire people to explore and find their own unique pathways to ocean education, awareness, and conservation.


Umvvelt's mission is to inspire a sense of compassion and respect for the ocean & its inhabitants through a combination of art, education, & fundraising through its unique products!


The word "Umvvelt" is a variant spelling derived from the german word "umwelt," which means "self-centered world." The concept of the word was coined by Jakob von Uexkull, who was a famous german biologist that studied animal behavior. In biology, this concept refers to the theory that each living organism experiences the world they live differently based in their specific needs and priorities.

The term was taught to Kir by their zoology class professor back when they attended their first year of university. Their professor, Dr. Ryan Jenkinson, really wanted to emphasize that understanding an animal’s umwelt is a key factor to learning more about the organism being studied in any field of biology. As we all live in our own self centered world, it’s important to view how animals live their lives by their own umwelts based on their specific needs and priorities--not try to study them based on the self centered priorities we as humans place on them because of our own umwelts.


Umvvelt prides in contributing to their community through education and awareness! Whether it's through patreon-exclusive educational clubs, donation products or collaborations, we hope to grow people's passions for the ocean and let that inspire them to forge their own path towards contributing to the ongoing conversation of ocean conservation.

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