The current grading system Umvvelt uses by means to sort and sell their enamel pins based on quality is split into three grades: Standard ("A" Grade), Seconds ("B" Grade), and Other.

Please note that the process of making enamel pins is a 100% handmade process--each pin is created individually, from the enamel filling process all the way up to the polishing and baking! Each batch of pins and each individual pins within those batches all vary from one to the other--and as expected with handmade products, are not all the same and may contain small imperfections!

"Collector's"/"S" Grade pins are not offered by Umvvelt, as we strive to constantly produce pins and make them available for everyone at a fair price to avoid things like scalping from resellers. Please do not consider purchasing enamel pins if you are not okay with minor imperfections! At the end of the day, especially because enamel pins are individually handmade, it is difficult to completely control 100% of the quality and guarantee that the pins come out 100% perfect.

During the grading process, pins are usually graded in natural light & about a little closer than an arm's length away from the face. 


Standard or "A" grade enamel pins contain minor imperfections that can barely seen at an arms length away and are barely, if not even noticable, when worn and seen from a distance.

Minor imperfections may include:

  • Light scratches or scuffing on the front surface that are difficult to see looking upfront, but can be better seen from an angle.
  • Minor offsets in screenprinting
  • Small air bubbles
  • Small or light smudges in the enamel
  • Small indentations on the metal (on either the side or the front).
  • Scuffs as a result of "over-polishing"


Seconds or "B" Grade enamel pins contain more noticable (either in appearance or in quantity) imperfections that may be spotted or noticed immediately upon closer inspection. 

Imperfections may include:

  • Missing/overfilled enamel
  • Improperly polished metal
  • Major offsets in screenprinting
  • Missing/scratched ink in screenprinting
  • Heavier or darker smudges in the enamel
  • Larger indentations on the metal (on either the side or the front)
  • Missing metal lines
  • Dust or hairs visible in the enamel

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