🐟What is Patreon?

Patreon is a membership based platform that allows you to subscribe to your favourite creators and see what exclusive content they offer! Umvvelt's patreon page charges membership access on the first of every month! 

🐟 What perks will I receive by joining Patreon?

All Umvvelt patrons receive access to the patron-exclusive secret shop, early bird access to limited releases, sneak peeks at new merchandise designs, & more! Upon joining any of the physical reward tiers (this includes tiers such as the Crybaby, Big Catch, & Sea King tiers), you will be sent monthly rewards based on the tier you've subscribed to! 

🐟 Will I receive (current month's) rewards by subscribing during the (current month)?

There is no upfront charge upon joining Umvvelt's Patreon! Instead, your card is automatically charged the first of every month--meaning if you joined patreon on January 2nd-31st, your card would not be charged until February 1st! You will still receive access to all patreon exclusive content at this time, but monthly rewards are based on the monthly charge you've received at the time.

So if your card is charged on the February 1st, you will receive February's rewards. Monthly reward previews are released one month early to give a notice as to what rewards will be shipped out during what month so you can keep track!


🐟 How do I access the secret shop?

Current Umvvelt patrons are sent a monthly passcode to access the secret shop via their private message inbox on the Patreon website! This passcode can be used to access and purchase goods from the secret shop! The passcode is changed monthly so you will receive a new passcode every month before the shop opens!

🐟 When does the secret shop open?

The secret shop opens monthly from the 25th-28th! These are the only times that the shop will be accessible (unless otherwise stated) so please keep these dates in mind! Updates and reminders will be sent out a few days prior to opening!

🐟 What products are available on the secret shop?

Potential restocks from previous monthly rewards, and leftovers from current monthly rewards will be made available on the secret shop! Exclusive releases or early bird preorders will also be made available on the secret shop before being released to the public shop.

🐟 When will secret shop orders be shipped?

Secret shop orders will be shipped the following month with your patreon rewards.(Ex. Orders placed during September 25th-28th will be sent in October with October's patreon rewards).

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