Sea Turtles Inc. Donation Decal (4"Diffraction Decal)

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All profits of these window decals will be donated to Sea Turtles Inc., a non-profit organization based in South Padre, TX that recently rescued over 3500 cold-stunned sea turtles as a result of dropping temperatures as a result of the winter storm.

Sea Turtles Inc. has stated on their donation page (as of 2/19/2021) that all 10 of their heaters & chillers in their Residence Center has been damaged & all need to be replaced to continue to provide warm water to the permanent residents of Sea Turtles Inc. 

Over 3500 sea turtles were rescued off the coast of Texas due to "cold-stunning," a condition where reptiles experience a hypothermic reaction as a result due of cold temperatures. Reptiles, like sea turtles, are cold-blooded and as a result, rely on warm of their external surroundings to keep them warm. Cold stunning results in lower heart rate and circulation, resulting in pneumonia, frostbite, and even death. Sea turtles in particular, are prone to drowning as a result of cold-stuns as they struggle to keep their bodies mobile with sudden cold temperatures. 

The rehabilitation process involves monitoring rescued turtles while raising their core body temperature to ensure a full recovery before evaluation & being properly released!

Brighten up your day with these unique rainbow diffraction decals! They work best placed directly on any window with direct sunlight for the magic to appear! The clear decal allows for the design details to shine through while also letting the rainbow film do its work! 

Recommended instructions:

🐟 PLEASE NOTE that these decals are NOT meant to be placed outdoors and are not recommended to be placed on cars due to the possibility of distractions due to the light diffracting off of the vinyl material. It is recommended that you place them on an interior window that receives lots of direct sunlight!

🐟 Wipe the area you wish you display your decal with mild soap and warm water to clean it of any fingerprints, dust, or additional debris.

🐟 Place decal and adjust if needed-it is recommended you place them in a window that receives a lot of direct sunlight (east or south facing window)!

Each decal is approximately 4" tall and 4" wide! Please keep in mind that if purchased alone, these will be shipped out via lettermail with a stamp and no tracking! Please allow ~3 weeks for delivery if you are located domestically (USA) or 4-7 weeks if you are located internationally! Thank you!

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